How to reduce your 
cross-connect costs?

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A hidden cost

Often the costs of cross-connects is underestimated by many organizations. However, this is quickly topping up your monthly recurring costs (MRC). It's quite difficult to predict what would be the cross-connect costs of an organization in advance since these costs are variable depending on the data center supplier an organization is using. When you finally receive your monthly invoice you realize that you are spending hundreds if not thousands of EUR/USD in cross-connects on a monthly basis.


Pricing are ranging from free (less and less since datacenters are using cross connect fee to make money nowadays) to up to roughly 300 USD (per month!), and I won't be covering the setup fee applied in some locations. This price only keeps going forward and won't decrease anytime soon.

If your data is critical to your business, and I bet it is, then we can average the amount of cross connect for a single medium organization somewhere around the number of 10 - 20 (ISP's, customers, partners, cloud, fabrics, etc ..), there are today a lot of different service providers which require each a cross connect to their equipment in order for you to use their services.

With an average pricing of 100 EUR/USD monthly, you easily reach in between 1000 and 2000 EUR/USD, that's 24000EUR/USD a year, or 100000 over 5 years, just for a cable connection.

How to reduce your cross-connection costs?

It might be interesting to review the approach used and start mutualizing your services over less ports.

This is what Open Coconut is offering through our portfolio, we can aggregate your services over a single port. That means you won't need to have a dedicated cross connect for each and every service but can stack those services over a single port or two. This will greatly reduce your expenses related to your cross connects.

Free cross-connections?

On top of that at Open Coconut when a service is local, it's free of charge, so if you have a customer in the same datacenter center as yours and both of you are members of the Open Coconut platform, then you can cross connect your equipment at no cost! 

If you would like Open Coconut to help you to decrease your MRC related to your cross connect, please get in touch with us, with the below form.
Alternatively you may register yourself on our portal and grab a free port as you register!

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