About Us

Open Coconut Networks was established by two highly experienced telecommunications engineers who sought to alleviate the challenges faced in building a reliable global backbone.

The company has since built a team of network professionals with a strong synergy that enables them to develop and deliver optimal solutions for clients.

At Open Coconut Networks, we are committed to eliminating the pain points associated with connecting businesses together. Our platform offers a solution to challenges such as finding the best route for traffic between datacenters or business partners, selecting the most suitable provider in the market, exchanging basic information with a NOC, being tied to a contract for extended periods, negotiating pricing for circuits, dealing with lengthy legal processes, and enduring long delivery and provisioning times.

Our solution is simple and efficient. We offer a demo that is designed to showcase our platform's capabilities and address any concerns clients may have. We assure you that the demo will not be a boring sales pitch. Contact us today to learn how we can help you streamline your business connectivity.

You can book a demo here

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