Greener Interconnections

At Open Coconut we are committed to a greener future and to making the interconnection world greener.

In order to achieve these greener interconnections we are focused on different objectives but also on turning them into something positive for you and your company.

Discover what our commitments for greener interconnections are and find out how these can turn into advantages for you.
geen interconnections

The advantages for you

No more oversubsription

By allowing you to control and adapt your bandwidth needs at any time through our web portal and API we stop the nonsense of oversubscription widely used in our industry.

This allows you to commit to the bandwidth you really need at a given time based on your business constraints. 

One Port, multiple services

Mixing and matching services on the same physical port makes you save on monthly cross-connection costs (and you know that these costs are a large portion of your hosting invoice).

But more importantly, this feature that we offer also reduces the number of ports used on your equipment and SFPs you use leading to a reduction in terms of hardware you deploy.

Stay local, reach global

No need to be present with your own IT infrastructure in the locations where your customers and partners are located... 

You can reach them and be reached remotely through our interconnection services. Either dedicated Ethernet  or through remoteIX.

Our Commitments

Greener hardware

Hardware has obviously a big impact on the environment at all stages of its lifecycle: manufacturing, operations, and decommissioning.

We contribute to a greener IT by working with hardware vendors who optimize their design for lower energy consumption and more repairability; extending the lifetime of some devices, and using refurbished equipment where and when it makes sense.

More efficient processes

Reducing waste can also be achieved with better processes and we are convinced of it... this is even one of the reasons we exist.

By optimizing processes internally and also for you (more automation, less waiting time) we contribute to making greener interconnections a reality.

Selected partners

We meticulously select our partners and try to chose the ones who share our values.

Greener hardware, greener datacenters,.. all together we can make a change!
ISIT Sustainable IT
On Nov 23rd of 2022 we became signatories of ISIT - European Institutes of Sustainable IT charter for a more sustainable IT.

Together with all the other signatories around the globe and with the support of this community we can make a change. If you're not yet part of it, join us!
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