Your contract is about to auto renew ?
Great, it's time save money!

Contract renewal

Status Quo

Most companies do not take the time to renegotiate their contracts with their service providers.
So if your contract is about to auto-renew, it's the best time to start saving money.


Because this is so much pain, so much time-consuming and it involves many people in a single organization.
Hence most of the time these contracts are automatically rolling years over years. Years of lost money!
This amount can go up to millions of euros/dollars (US) in some cases.
We offer a tool to calculate this here.


At Open Coconut, we offer to replace your connectivity setup with traditional service providers with next-generation connectivity.
We aim to migrate all your connections (IP Transit, Point-to-Point, Internet Exchanges, and even to Cloud Providers) at no cost over our powerful platform.

Saving big

At the heart of our platform, pricing is automatically renegotiated, which means you do not have to worry about renegotiating the pricing with each individual service provider you may be using. Your contract with us and we provide you automatically with the best pricing. The pricing goes down on the market? We adjust, and you won't notice anything but the decrease on your monthly invoice.

What about my favorite partners?

That's the power of our platform, we are a multi-provider service provider, so you can still work with the provider of your choice.
They're referenced on our platform and all you need to do is to pick your favorite one.

Next steps?

There are two options right now for you:

  1. You sign up on our portal and start migrating your services on your own, picking up a free port as you register
  2. You fill in the form below, and we get in touch asap and establish a plan for you to start saving on your MRC

Fill in the form in order to build a plan to migrate your services

International format

Other possible saving thanks to Open Coconut

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