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We offer Interconnections and routes on demand but this may sound vague or generic so here are a set of products we developed and that are available to you on our portal.
We will be adding features and products on a weekly basis. If you want to be informed you can register to our newsletter or create an account on our web portal to find out by yourself.
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OC - Ethernet

Connect to any remote location

Ethernet Circuit

This is our core business. We can interconnect any of your datacenter locations with unbeatable control over your traffic, including Instant Path Control. If you want to see a demo, just get in touch with us. 

OC - Ethernet product page


Remote IX Interconnecton

Internet Exchange

If you don't have a presence at the same premises as your favorite Internet Exchange, we can provide you with a highly and fully customizable path from your premises to the IX of your choice.

OC - IX product page

OC - Cloud

Connect to Cloud providers


We can connect OC-ETHERNET to OC-CLOUD or OC-CLOUD to OC-CLOUD or even OC-CLOUD to OC-IX, all of this in a single intuitive interface. You are in control of your interconnections all the time. 

OC - Cloud product page

OC - Transit

Connect to the public Internet

Internet access

Sometimes you do not only need to connect privately but you also need to access Internet-facing services or expose yours. This is why we also offer IP Transit in some of our locations.

OC - Transit product page

OC - Hosting

Co-host your equipment with us


Save on rack space in locations where you only need a few U's and let us host them for you. We have different levels of service around this product.

OC - Transit product page

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