Our Cloud Router interconnects public Cloud Provider to any other Public Could Provider or to on-prem infrastructure. This gives you the most flexible and scalable solution on the market to date. Our professional network team can help you building the most suitable solution tailored to your specific needs. The device is a fully managed through our platform.

IPSec VPN Interconnect

The Cloud Router lets you interconnect cloud providers offering IPSec VPN tunnels as a mean of interconnecting them together. For instance, if you have a VPC (Virtal Private Cloud) at AWS that you wish to interconnect with a tenant at GCP over IPSec VPN tunnels, this might be the best way to achieve it. This solution uses the Internet as the main mean for the transportation of your data which render this solution highly cost-effective.


Direct Interconnect

The Cloud Router gives you the assurance that your traffic exchanged between your public cloud providers and eventually your on-prem infrastructure will be fully optimized and secured. This solution on top of providing confidentiality of your data also offers you an insurance on the quality of the underlying circuits. Unlike IPSec VPN, this solution provides strong SLAs with full redundancy automatically build with the delivery of the solution.


The Cloud Router is hosted in our on-prem facilities, you may choose where, and tailored to your needs, we can provide a minimal solution with 10Mbps of bandwidth and up to 10Gbps of bandwidth with dedicated network interfaces for your traffic. The pricing model is pay as you grow, so you can start with a minimal router and upgrade it as you grow. The router is fully manageable through our platform. We also offer full support either through email or through our chat. If you need more information about this solution please get in touch with us, we'll be delighted to exchange more on the subject.


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