BGP ASN Sponsor

What is a BGP ASN ?

A BGP ASN (Autonomous System Number) is a unique identifier linked to your company, so that it can be identified on the Internet. So other Internet participants know who is originating the receiving traffic. A BGP ASN alone is not enough. You also need a public IP subnet that is actually being advertised with this ASN identifier in front of it via BGP, hence BGP ASN. Usually small companies do not need an ASN, they can rely on their provider such as  Open Coconut in order to send and receive traffic from the Internet. On the other end companies with bigger infrastructure usually own one or multiple ASN.


If you need a ASN, as a member of the RIPE organization, Open Coconut can sponsor your BGP ASN at a much lower cost than if you were to buy directly from the RIPE (which requires membership).

So if you need a BGP ASN feel free to get in touch with us via our chat or via email at or fill in the form below

Request an IPv4 or IPv6 sponsor block or anything else you want to share with us.
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Network path visualisation

Build multi-provider network paths and visualize them on  map so you know where your packets are going and avoid SPOF's

Instant delivery

Chose your circuit, configure your vlan, click deploy and your packets can start flowing on the instantly deployed circuit

Real-time metrics

Get metrics streamed directly from the network and browse historical statistics so you're sure to pick the link that best suits your needs

On-demand rerouting

Change the path and service providers if you're not happy with the service delivered or troubleshoot your issues with full control on the network

Peer with anyone

Make your port visible on the platform so your business partners can request an interco. Manage the link billing the way you imagine it  
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