AWS - Direct Connect Dedicated Connection

Open Coconut Networks is an AWS - Direct Connect Dedicated Connection Provider. As such our team of network engineer experts can help you to build the missing bridge between your on-prem infrastructure and your AWS infrastructure.

Thanks to our platform you can deploy connect your hybrid infrastructure in less than a minute. However if you feel more comfortable to talk to one of our experts, feel free to reach out. We will be happy to answer all questions you might have before proceeding.

When it comes to interconnect these two worlds, it's important to take into account all the aspects in order to cover all the gaps.


Here are few benefits of using Open Coconut for your Direct Connect Dedicated Connection:

  • The physical ports are yours, so it means they are not shared with other customers (unlike AWS Direct Connect Hosted Connection)
  • Your traffic is securely transported over our international backbone
  • We support bandwidth from 1mbps to 10Gbps with increment of 1mbps
  • Your data will benefit of the lowest latency path between your on-prem infra and your AWS infra
  • We are multi-providers, it means if the performance you're looking for are not met, you can switch over another path/provider
  • Your traffic will be DDoS free
  • 24/7 support available at no extra costs


There are two types of architectures that exist:

  • Single AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Interconnection
  • Redundant AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Interconnection

We always advise our customers to go for the Redundant AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Interconnection as this provides the most resilient solution. So if there is a hardware issue at either sides of the connection, the redundant path can take over and carry your traffic as if no outages had happened.


Single AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connection


This architecture relies on a single port on AWS side and a single port on Open Coconut side (facing the customer). As you can see if there is an issue with an equipment at AWS or Open Coconut or even at your on-prem site, the traffic will be disrupted.

So this scenario is advised for non-critical traffic only.

Redundant AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connection


This architecture relies on deploying a set of 2 ports at AWS side, 2 ports at Open Coconut side (facing AWS) and 2 ports at the customer's side. The service will be deployed between these pair of ports. Bandwidth is dedicated to a single customer's use, end to end, from 1mbps and up to 9999mbps.

With the Redundant AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connection, if the primary path (in green) fails, the backup path (in red) is ready to take over within a few milliseconds.

This scenario is advised for critical traffic, that must be up and running 24/7.

How to deploy an AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connection ?

Have a look at our in details guide here.


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Network path visualisation

Build multi-provider network paths and visualize them on  map so you know where your packets are going and avoid SPOF's

Instant delivery

Chose your circuit, configure your vlan, click deploy and your packets can start flowing on the instantly deployed circuit

Real-time metrics

Get metrics streamed directly from the network and browse historical statistics so you're sure to pick the link that best suits your needs

On-demand rerouting

Change the path and service providers if you're not happy with the service delivered or troubleshoot your issues with full control on the network

Peer with anyone

Make your port visible on the platform so your business partners can request an interco. Manage the link billing the way you imagine it  
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