Open Coconut?

Are you wondering why our company is called Open Coconut? To us, it's more than a name that's out of the ordinary, it's happening at the heart of our concept. If you'd like to hear more about that, we'll be happy to have a chat about it. You can send us a message via our contact us link or via the live chat (bottom right of your screen) when online!

WHO are we?

Open Coconut is a startup founded by two engineers with a strong background in the telecommunications industry. We have started this project because we believe we can remove a lot of pain points that we have experienced during the last 15 years when it comes to build a highly reliable world wide backbone. Together we've built the largest backbone dedicated to Voice over IP, so we thought we would be perfectly equiped to achieve this.

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Laurent Jarbinet

Co-founder | CEO

After joining Voxbone in its early days as employee #4, Laurent lead the Infrastructure team for more than a decade taking care of the design, build & operations of the Systems, IT, and networks (responsibility he was delegating to Benjamin)

Following this, he worked for 3 years at Engie IT as Lead Architect and Program Director where he focused on CIO advisory and IT integrations in the transversal M&A squad team

He also followed a Master in IT Management & Cyber-security from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

Benjamin Vandendriessche

Co-founder | CTO

Benjamin spent the last 11+ years architecting, growing, migrating, implementing, optimizing, and automating the Voxbone (now Bandwidth) backbones assisted by an international team of Network Engineers

He previously build some experience as a startup founder and worked for a network integrator.

WHY choosing us?

Open Coconut is a one stop shop for your network leveraging SDN technology and NFV hardware which allow us to put all the power straight in your hands.

If you ever experienced things like:

  • The painfulness of finding out the best route for your traffic between your datacenters or to a business partner
  • The difficulty of looking out the best provider on the market AND available in your datacenter(s)
  • The frustration to have to exchange basic information with a NOC
  • The consternation of being tied to a contract over a multi-years period
  • The hardship of having to negotiate on a regular basis the best pricing for your circuit(s)
  • The painful long ping pong party between your legal team and each and every service providers' legal team
  • The astonishing never ending delivery and provisioning time of a circuit
  • The boring financial processes to get in place with each and every providers

Then you must request a demo of our solution, we guarantee you won't be disappointed and if you are, beers are on us! (we're from Belgium so we don't joke about beers!)

To request a demo, click here

Let's talk!

HOW we do it?

We came out with a highly innovative way to build backbones in a few clicks through our powerful web platform. This platform is probably the best tool Network Engineers will see in the coming decade. However, our platform will also be of high interest if you are a Network Architect or a NOC Technician. And even if you are not a technical person, it is meant to be a huge time saving for your entire organization.

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